The heart of the facility will be a fully air conditioned, humidity/ventilation controlled, state of the art refrigeration and air management system. Utilising the most environmentally conscious and efficient installations will enable us to provide an excellent, professional quality of ice surface 24 hours a day, all year round. Our consultation team in refrigeration and air conditioning will be on call to ensure peace of mind with seamless operation and consistency of the ice pad. The ice rink will accommodate up to  to 3 extended length recreational skating sessions per day at a fair price enabling kids to affordably return improve  hosting of home and away ice hockey training and games, figure skating, speed skating and curling athletes and available for private hire with prior booking. Ample disabled access, changing rooms and toilet facilities will be provided.


...whilst having great fun.

With proper training, you can learn the right technique to avoid injury and maximize your aerobic workout. Ice-skating is a fun form of intense cardiovascular exercise which improves balance and builds muscle in your legs and core.

As your confidence builds, you or your children may want to take it a step further and enrol in one of the exciting on ice clubs as listed below. At any age, level or ability, you will learn to become adept at a new skill, becoming fitter and stronger on and off ice. Perhaps this will take you on to be selected into one of the teams we hope to have at our rink. 


We will offer in house skating lessons focusing on all aspects of on ice agility from acceleration, efficient skating stride to stopping in any given scenario and direction. The on ice marshalling team will be on hand to offer tips and advice during recreational sessions.
The true measure of any skater is the ability to change speed and direction effectively, efficiently and in total control!


Whether you are a seasoned professional in one of the many leagues around the world visiting us for a short time, a player who has lost touch with the game through lack of local facilities or someone who has literally become enticed by watching the super dynamic sport of high speed action during the Olympic games and would like to 'drop in' on a friendly game, we would like to welcome all skaters to get involved.  Female or male, young or old it doesn't make a difference! With expert coaches on hand versed in all aspects of the game of ice hockey, you will reach new levels of skating ability each week, at your own pace and ability. Learning stickhandling, shooting and gameplay all in accordance with the IIHF rule book, you can progress to join one of the teams  who, we hope, will one day call this their 'home ice'.


We will utilise the best refrigeration equipment affording us the ability to provide the figure skating, synchronised team skating and ice dance athletes community with high quality 'patch' ice upon which to train, with a computer controlled environment and ice surface. This will, as for ice hockey and speed skating, be available to use at their convenience, day or night, when the ice is available. Clubs, teams or individuals will be able to book sessions or blocks in advance to suit their schedule.


An Olympic sport since 1992, the dynamic and exciting close quarter sport of short track is enjoying worldwide growth. Athletes in the past would practise and train on a regulation sized indoor ice rink due to the lack of full sized 400m tracks. Competition between small clubs grew until it became the internationally recognised Olympic sport it is today. We will be able to offer a short track training facility with a 100m track, fully protected for ice athletes in this discipline to train on and, who knows, create our own 'home grown' future Olympians, here in Dorset.


We propose to include at least one regulation 46 metre curling sheet. The sports of crown green bowling which are so popular around the country are effectively transferred to ice in this game of skill and tactics which was believed to have been born in Scotland around 300 years ago. It has more recently enjoyed growing popularity, worldwide and has been an official Winter Olympic sport since 1998. We would hope that aficionados of 'crown green' would come and try out curling at our rink and will have dedicated sessions catering for the young and more senior visitors alike. 


Poole, UK

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