Poole, UK

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We are researched in the technical aspects of this venture and whilst it is a large project to embark upon, we firmly believe that statistically there is a shortage of public, and particularly children's, leisure and exercise facilities. We would like to build a family friendly multi activity centre where people can come, have fun and exercise without breaking the family budget.....and return the next week to do it all again. Our children deserve to have access to these exciting new sports and we will prove that we are in the right demographic to be able to create this type of venue in our area. With over 460,000 inhabitants in the Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole conurbation, we have a very healthy capture of potential customers and clients. Whilst we do not want to profit ourselves from this, we are budgeting to create a healthy business model. One that will provide employment with great conditions for staff, repay loans, support the utility and maintenance demands, all legislative and business running costs and pay back into the company to ensure growth of the company as a whole.

We have competitively sourced equipment for the facility ourselves without relying on consultancies, thus far. We believe that if we are all researched in every aspect of build, operation, maintenance and growth of the project from the outset, then we are better equipped to operate it from it's heart. 

We are passionate enough to have full confidence in our commitment to the building of this project for our communities. We hope to seek an investor or investors who will see our vision and be confident enough to back us and our project, working with local council and ourselves to make this happen.

We are drawing up a comprehensive promotion and advertising campaign ourselves, distributing media throughout the local area in schools, colleges and the University of Bournemouth.

We will also be approaching local and international businesses with advertising opportunities and packages from the equipment to the whole project as we will have a sizeable advertising 'canvas' open to an even larger local and visiting customer base and the sporting community as a whole. Advertising and support of one of the sports teams we hope to accommodate would create a healthy, fresh and dynamic sporting environment for the area.


Potentially we could be forging the next generation of elite ice athletes developing to national, world class and Olympic level, with the help of professional coaching teams on site. Local league ice hockey games or speed skating could indeed bring these fast paced spectator sports back to Dorset, whilst the popularity of ice dance galas and events would also invite spectators from near and far. Let's not forget curling, an Olympic discipline of skill and strategy which was born on our home shores in Scotland in the mid 16th century, where the first recorded origins of the game are believed to be.

With affiliation to other ice sports clubs and organisations both in the United Kingdom and abroad, our position on the south coast in an area of outstanding beauty and the New Forest National Park, would be a welcoming host for visiting ice sports athletes and invitational competitions in all of the disciplines previously mentioned.

We would welcome any questions, queries and comments you have or would like to share, respectively and hope that we can work together to bring this diverse and exciting arena to our area once again.

Please visit our 'expression of interest' petition page by using the link at the top of the page or button below and take time to complete our short questionnaire.

Thank you, on behalf of all of us at Dorset Ice & Leisure Ltd and the future 'ice stars' of our region.