It all started with an idea to enable people, families and the youngsters of our area a chance to become involved in some exciting and dynamic new sports and activities, encouraging and promoting a healthy lifestyle, fitness for all, a competitive sporting spirit and a vibrant social hub for all to enjoy, affordably.


Our group includes passionate recreational and ex professional ice hockey players and coaches who travel every week to Gosport, Hampshire, to enjoy playing the sport we love. We have grown in attendance and support and we would like to bring this a little closer to home, introducing this and other exciting ice based activities to a whole new generation. 


















We set up Dorset Ice & Leisure Ltd. to try to provide just this - by skaters...for people from every corner of the social spectrum, affording everyone the chance to enjoy a new and exciting social venue - one that all can afford to use regularly! In this, we mean that we all enjoy and love the sports and pastimes that we have become involved in over the years and we would like to reintroduce this to South Dorset once again! 'We' being the countless active and former, amateur and professional ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating and recreational skaters. The young people of our area are perhaps unaware of just how popular these sports and indeed ice skating was back in the day, drawing in crowds to the local Westover road ice rink, Bournemouth for 6 decades from 1933 until 1991.

Many people of a certain generation remember the Westover road ice rink as a successful venue which hosted it's own well established ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating teams and the 'Ice Follies' dance troupe, as well as the other ice activities that helped make the rink a popular and exciting ice arena for adults and kids alike. Sadly, in 1991 it was forced to close its doors finally to the great sadness of many local and visiting skaters, players and performers due to financial concerns and costly repair and renovation issues.

The spirit and dedication amongst the skaters from the rink has never waned and even today a regular meet is informally organised every Friday evening throughout the winter at a temporary ice rink in Bournemouth. The children and grandchildren of these former ice stars are being introduced to skating and the level of talent amongst these youngsters is evident with a visit to any of the 'pop up' rinks that are popular nationally around Christmas time - real, hard evidence that the popularity is growing again.


Ice skating and ice sports have never been as popular or accessible as now, the cycle of over 25 years has gone around, and we believe it is time that a permanent ice sports facility was returned to our county once again.

Is one of our children a possible future winter Olympian? Let's give them a chance to find out, or at least have fun trying!

Please click on the link at the top of the page or at the bottom to sign our 'expression of interest' petition.

-Thank you for your support!

Some of the members of our recreational ice hockey team - the Wessex Hawks - who travel to train each week at Gosport ice rink in Hampshire and who are determined to get our own 'home ice'  here in South Dorset.


Poole, UK

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