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A local group of skaters, with the help of business professionals, coaches in the various ice sports' disciplines, international ice rink equipment supply companies and refrigeration specialists, have formed a project dedicated to the establishment of an indoor, permanent, energy efficient, environmentally conscious, multi-use ice sports facility in Southern Dorset utilising the very latest technologies available worldwide. 


From its inception over three ago, we have tirelessly researched the feasibility and viability of reintroducing these exciting and dynamic sports to the area utilising the most efficient, environmentally sound and safe refrigeration and air management systems available globally.


We have spoken with local council and they have greeted our informal proposal with support. We are researching land, plots and suitable structures which could accommodate such a facility and hope to site close to - or within -  the conurbation of Poole and Bournemouth, with a good connection to public transport links.


The facility is required to be a multi-activity/multi-use centre to afford revenue generation and diversity for customers and as such we are planning a comprehensive array of both on and off ice activities. We are not looking to profit personally from this, rather give something that has been sadly missing from the area for too long.


We are planning to lay down an 1800 square meter (30mx60m), professional standard, insulated, International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and Olympic regulation-sized ice pad, which can be used for the hosting of tournaments, games and training in the various ice sports disciplines: ice hockey; short track speed skating; figure skating and ice dance type galas and events.


Upon attaining a sufficient area of development and adequate investment, we would aim to provide the current and next generation of curling athletes with up to four Olympic standard curling lanes.


We are fully aware of worldwide government legislation regarding the phase-out of  certain refrigeration/coolant mediums and have become fully versed in this protocol, hence our choice in the selection of the various systems. We are also studied in the various health issues regarding certain refrigerant mediums and this has influenced greatly our choice of system.


We will utilise heat recovery from within the chiller unit condensers to provide hot water preheating, under ice heating and building heating, also incorporating solar energy recovery to supplement power requirements to the facility.


If successful in our goal, we aim to design a facility to provide an outstanding environment for ice athletes of all levels and abilities. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, trained coaches and staff will be on hand to help you safely reach your full potential. So, if you are mastering the 'triple Salchow' in figure, the 'slapshot', 'dangle' or 'deke' in hockey, or taking to the ice for the first time at seventy years of age, our attentive, trained and friendly staff will ensure that you will want to spend as little time off the ice, and hungry to get back on as soon as possible!


Total inclusivity would mean that we would be able to cater safely and attentively for less able-bodied sports and recreational users ensuring no one is left out, bringing sports such as sledge hockey and wheelchair curling, amongst others to those wishing to try something a bit more adventurous. 


Please help us by clicking on the link at the top of the page to sign the petition - please skip any 'prompt' asking for donations as this is not the purpose of the campaign.

We need your support in large numbers to help us achieve this for you, so we know that if will come!


It would greatly help us also if you would take a few moments to fill in the online questionnaire on this site. ice rink is not just for Christmas!


Thank you for your support!


Simon, Jerry & Tomas.





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